DH5000 Series Device Outside Trim Model DH58L Series | Escutcheon Trim

  • Non handed, easily installed with exit device.
  • Provide 4 finishes for users and architects choosing: US3(605), US20A(690), US28(689), and US32D(630).
  • Trim has two through-bolts to the device chassis directly for more security and durability. It fits 1-3/4″ (44mm) door standard. For 2″ (51 mm), 2-1/4″ (57mm) thick door or the shim-mounted exit device, specify the door thickness when ordering.
  • The trim has four (4) models to meet different func?ons use, see the chart
Device Head Cover

(Dummy trim is not recommended for fire device)

Key Locks & Unlocks
Lever Always Active
(No Cylinder)
Key Retracts
Latch Bolt
Pull when
Function Classroom Passage Night Latch Dummy
Trim Designation Cylinder Escutcheon Lever Blank Escutcheon Lever Night Escutcheon Lever Dummy Escutcheon Lever
Model Number and Use DH58L01A DH58L01B DH58L01C DH58L01D
For 5510 Series Rim, 5530 Series Surface Vertical Rod
Escutcheon Plate Size 81/16" x 2 5/8" x 29/32" (205mm x 67mm x 23mm)
ANSI Function Numbers 08 14 03 02
Cylinder Type 1/4″ Mortise Mortise
  • Escutcheon is made of steel or stainless steel, lever handle is made of zinc allow.
  • When there is a key requirement, the trims may receive cylinders from other manufacturers.
  • Cylinder is not furnished standard. Specify cylinder type (RC-Regular Cylinder, NC-No Cylinder) when the cylinder is required.

    Optional Lever Design

    DH58L 01A
    #01 Lever
    DH58L 05A
    #05 Lever
    DH58L 17A
    #17 Lever

    Cylinder Selection
    The cylinder has two types as shown below.

    Mortis Cylinder
    Rim Cylinder

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