Rim Panic Grade 1 Exit Device

DH9300-G1 Series / Grade 1
For use with narrow, medium and wide stile Aluminum doors, Hollow Metal or Wood Doors

  • Gade 1 Rim Panic
  • Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc. Listed — Panic Hardware
  • Dogging by Hex Key in Touch Bar
  • Non-handed, for LHRB or RHRB doors
  • Latch Bolt throw 5/8″
  • Outside Unlatching with standard Rim Cylinder Standard units for 36″ and 48″ door widths (cut bar to fit)
  • Can be used on 30” wide doors


  • AL – Aluminum,
    Anodized extruded Aluminum with Baked Aluminum Painted Cover Caps
  • DU- Storefront Bronze,
    Bronze Anodized extruded Aluminum with Baked Storefront Bronze Painted Cover Caps
Outside Pull Handle
Pull Handle Mounting
Plate for Metal Doors
RZ-1003 Rim Cylinder
Finishes vailable:
AL–Anodized Satin Aluminum
BK–Anodized Black
DU–Anodized Bronze

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