PH-4520 Paddle Handle lPushorPull

  • For use with DL-4510 type Latch Lock
  • “Push” or “Pull” Paddle Handle
  • Field reversible for opposite hand with PUSH and PULL Plates included
  • Cam Plug, field reversible, included
  • Extruded Aluminum Handle

Finishes Available

  • AL – Handle anodized Satin Aluminum Housing baked Satin Aluminum paint
  • DU – Handle anodized Storefront Bronze Housing baked Storefront Bronze paint
Ordering Information
PH-4521 PUSH to the Left PH-4523 PUSH to the Left
PH-4522 PUSH to the Left PH-4524 PUSH to the Left

Specify: Model Number and Finish

HL-4560 Lever Handle

  • For use with DL—4510 type Latch Lock
  • Cam Plug. field reversible.

Finishes Available:

  • AL – Baked Satin Aluminum
  • BK – Baked Black Paint
  • DJ – Baked Storefront Bronze Paint
  • Non-handed, field reversible

Specify: Hand if pre-handing required Finish

CP-4560 Cam Plug

  • For use with HL—4560 Lever Handle and PH-4520 Paddle Handle
  • Non-handed, field reversible
  • Specify: Model Number and Finish

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